Richard Guest

Drive the C5


Engage Riverside Museum


Fabricator - Doug Hedges
Game Designer - Richard Guest
Flash Developer - Richard Guest
3D Models - Richard Guest
Sound Designer - Richard Guest


ActionScript3 Away3D Flash Phidgets


2011 March

Drive the C5 is a game created for the Riverside Museum Glasgow. It’s a fun experience that communicates key facts about the visionary Sinclair C5.

Sitting, steering and pedalling the sturdy steel replica of the C5 you navigate your way through a retro 3D game world, dodging cars, bicycles and people to get to your destination with as much battery life as possible. There are official Sinclair C5 accessories to collect along the way, potholes to avoid, hills to conquer.

The museum opened in the summer of 2011 and was designed by Zaha Hadid to house the collection of Glasgow’s old Museum of Transport. It’s an impressive place and well worth a visit.

Reports from the museum opening were of “large queues of children waiting to have a turn”.

News Flash

Riverside Museum wins European Museum of the Year Award 2013

The games starting position.

After collecting the first accessory.

Motor overload scenario.

My desk whilst creating the steering prototype.

A mechanism I made to test the pedalling sensor.

User testing setup for a group of local school children at the Riverside Museum.

The working bulletproof C5 replica.